The SWAT Kat's Desktop Accessories Collection

Ok, here we go! This is probably the biggest collection of SK desktop accesories for the PC! (Sorry all you Mac users. Nothing here except maybe the wallpapers!) Also, I'm not responsible for these downloads. If they mess up your computer, I hope you understand that it's no fault of my own. All the files work just fine for me. I am unable to do the Winamp skins because of a computer problem. (In other words, it crashed, I wiped out the harddrive, and I don't have the program anymore. Sorry.) However, I WILL have Sonique Skins for you. They are much harder to make but the end result is much cooler!

SWAT Kats theme -- This theme is based around just the SWAT Kats. The color scheme is dark gray, red and blue. It has a nice wallpaper of the SK's hanging from a building by ladders. (I slaved over this one.)

Razor Rocks -- A wallpaper of Razor giving you the 'thumbs up' with the text "Razor Rocks" to the side. Black background.

SWAT Kats Screensaver -- The first (EVER I believe) SWAT Kats Screensaver. A slideshow of various chars from the show and the second season opener for background music. I've gotten a report that this does work on Windows 95 too!

SWAT Kats Neoplanet Skin -- This is an updated version. It looks much better! This is based on a skin called "Low Take" I put the SK name logo in the top left and BlackRazor made me the very nice rotating Kat Mask logo in the corner.

T-Bone Theme -- Coming soon!

Full Cast Icon Set -- This one is in the works. It's coming along nicely. What's that? preveiw? OK, here's Chance and Jake. A note here, with the icons, the backgrounds are tranparent.

Jake IconChance Icon

(By the way, I'm not getting any money for saying these programs are good. I say it because I use them and like them!)

Neoplanet is a cool looking browser. AND it's free! In fact, there's an added bonus to downloading it, I have a SWAT Kat skin for it!

Download Neoplanet

I highly recommend Sonique for you're music listening pleasure. *laughs* It was made by aliens too! How can they be wrong! Click here to go to their page and download it! It's free and it's cool!


This is Sonique with the e-razor skin, and HB's Music Trip Plugin.

If you would like to know some of the things that i have planned for this page...look at the list below! Note:Those listed with their names struck through are finished ones that can be downloaded above.

-Full Theme Packages-







Dark Kat

Dark SK



Dr. Viper


Hard Drive


Chop Shop


Commander Feral

Felina Feral

The Good Doctors

The Evil Doctors

SK together

The Salvage Yard

The Hangar

Annnnnd anyone I forgot!

-Wallpapers, Icons, Start/Shutdown Screens and Skins!-

I recommend only using the Start/Shutdown Screens if you know what to do with them.


Dragon Chase

Rush Hour


T-Bone set

Razor Set

Full Cast Set

-Startup and Shutdown Screens-






My SWAT Kat Skin