Here's what I've done...I've decided that I would combine some pages. This is the combination of the "Info" and "Rules" pages. I've also re-written some of the stuff, so you should read through it all the way again.

Info on the Kat Krew!

I just suddenly realized something...people, uh...KATS, at least some of them think you have to go through a grueling trial or something to get into the Krew...As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is true. All you have to do, is fill out the form. Simple no? And now that I've finally found my CD-Rom for the program I used to do the 'member logos', which means that I'm going to start doing them again soon. The Member logos are for you to put on your SK webpage or your homepage if you like. It would be greatly appreciated if you linked them to the Kat Krew...(When I find links to the Krew on websites I usually go on a crazy Kaadle dance around the room a few times because I'm so happy. :) The things that are expected of you when you join the Krew are as follows:

1. You are expected to support the Kat Krew in their activitys. This is expecting that you will help out with signing petitions. Nothing that the Kat Krew does should be illegal at all.

2. You are expected not to go behind the Kat Krew's back and talk about them badly. If you are a member, why should you want to?

3. You're expected to have fun most of all.

4. The only other thing is that if you ever decide you don't want to be a member anymore *hopes that no one will* you should e-mail Razaar Kaadle at her Yahoo address.

Finally, the only thing you need to do is e-mail Razaar with the following information:

1. Your name or handle (Keep in mind that the name you use will be posted on the page!)

2. Which member graphic you would like (T-Bone or Razor, currently)

3. What status you would like. Be creative. Mine is "Keeper of the insanity" does that give you a clue? *Grins* and no "official" club titles like treasurer or secretary, although you can be something like "Secretary of the Department of Mouse Catching"

4. You're site address IF you have one. If you do have one you can also join the Kat Krew's webring. (more info on that HERE)

There are some rules for e-mailing Cartoon Network and other companys....and these are the ones I follow. Rules? YEP! Just a few guidelines for you. You'll find these helpful.

1. Sometimes when dealing with a large corporation, it's a good idea to be a bit assertive. Just enough to let them know that you aren't one to be pushed around.


2. Politeness goes a looooong way! If you write to someone saying "If you don't do this I'll blow up your house and cook your dog!" it is NOT going to get you anywhere. In fact, you COULD actually get in trouble for harassment. Whereas it looks a LOT better if you are polite and non threatening.

3. Be PERSISTENT! If you e-mail them once, they will NOT pay much attention to you. Take Cartoon Network for example. I began to write asking for the SK back, they kept sending me form responses. Until one day I simply sat down and continued to write every day. It really got my point across. And I actually got a hand typed response. Being persistant lets them know that you are serious about what you are talking about.

OK. That's my three rules. The philosophy behind them is "If you are persistent enough, they'll give you what you want just to shut you up!" *Laughs* I think it's really true too.

Cartoon Network's E-mail address is (As far as I know)

E-mail Cartoon Network

At this point, I do not have an e-mail address for Hanna-Barbara (IF in fact there is one.) or one for Warner Brothers. If you have them, please share them with me. It will be a great help!